Part 2 of the range day we shot some more of the cheap dollar general items we found. Glade sent spray was our first items. I wasn't actually expecting these cans to explode as much as they did, it was pretty spectacular. The second item was cheap foam shaving cream. These were a blast to shoot!

Comment on anything else you want us to shoot!
Originally this was going to be one big video. But after filming, cutting, editing, and posting 1 big video was too much for my skills. So I broke it into 2 parts. Part 1 we shot cola bottles with different calibers of handguns. We used some of my favorite guns. For 9mm we used the ubiquitous Beretta 92 FS. This gun is used by police, military, and is seen in hundreds if not thousands of movies and media. 40 S&W was the second of our popular rounds. Shot from my favorite, and first, gun the Smith & Wesson M&P40. I'll be doing a whole series on the M&P platform later. Jumping it up in caliber we move to the classic American round the 45 ACP. Designed by probably my favorite gun designer John Moses Browning in 1904 this cartridge packs a lot of punch. Lastly, I wanted something that would have a lot of bang, literally and figuratively. I had to use an Elmer Keith classic the .44 Magnum. Watch the video to see the action. Be sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos coming soon and like us on Facebook.
I know I said the first thing I would post was a gun review. But, I wanted to remind everyone what this day really is for. Memorial day is a day we honor and remember all the folks who have given up part of all of their lives to keep this country free and to fight evil around the world.

So while you are BBQing, washing cars, or doing what I'm doing (going shooting) remember what this day means. Thank a veteran if you see them and remember all of those who have given their lives to protect the greatest country this world has ever known.
I am a firm believer in every person is different. That there can be 100 solutions to one problem. I want to share some of my options, views, and experience so that you can make educated choices about firearms for the range, home defense, CCW, or just to plink around with.

I will typically admit when I have bias towards something.  And my first postings will be biased.  I will be doing a fairly comprehensive video on the Smith & Wesson M&P series Pistols. My M&P40 was my first gun and I love them. After that I'd like to do something on my Sig Sauer 556XI and the battle I had trying to find the right sight for it and my AR-15 platform rifles.

Our website is currently not all the way up yet, same with our facebook and youtube pages.

There is much more to come! Please stay tuned!


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